BK Sister Shivani Quotes On Life In English

These BK Sister Shivani Quotes will give you peace and happiness in your life. So here we are sharing with you a collection of BK Shivani Quotes on Life, Love, and Karma in English so you can have a peaceful life.

We all know her as BK Sister Shivani where BK stands for Brahma Kumari. But her real name Shivani Verma born in Pune in, 1972, and she is an Indian Spiritual Leader. She is also a member of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University since 1995.

In 2014, she was honored by the Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ASSOCHAM Ladies League and the Nari Shakti Award in 2019.

BK Shivani is one of the most powerful and peaceful Spiritual ladies you ever meet. All her speeches and lessons are really effective and have a huge impact on our lives.

“If you are helping someone and expecting something in return, you are doing business not kindness.” ― BK Shivani

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“Don’t get upset with little problems because life is like a road and problems are like speed breakers, they save us from big accidents.” ― BK Shivani

“Truth does not need to be proved. Truth has the power to reveal itself.” ― BK Shivani

“When toys are not given to the child, they cry for a moment, but if a child is not given the knowledge of behavior, he then cries for his whole life.” ― BK Shivani

“Learn the wisdom of compromise. it’s better to bend a little, rather than break relations forever.” ― BK Shivani

“One of the identities of good people is, that they look at the right things on a person more in comparison to wrong things.” ― BK Shivani

“To become a good person, work as hard as you do in order to look beautiful.” ― BK Shivani

“Respect is not what people speaking in front of you. It’s what they speak behind you.” ― BK Shivani

“Let your thoughts be related to what to want in life. They are the seeds, and your dream is the fruit.” ― BK Shivani

“Today 70% of the people are found sad, just because they don’t think before they speak. And they later realize if they would have told something different instead of that. Always think before you speak.” ― BK Shivani

“How people think of You is Influenced. By how you think about Your Self.” ― BK Shivani

“Always forgive others, even when they don’t ask for.” ― BK Shivani

“The easiest way to a happy life is; instead of making others lose, make them win.” ― BK Shivani

“When others criticize us, we can reject their opinion, and Protect the self. But when we criticize the self, our mind accepts the criticism. We cannot protect the self From self-criticism Take care of what You Say To Yourself About Ourselves.” ― BK Shivani

“Never speak sometimes which can hurt someone’s heart. Because time shall pass, but words are always remembered.” ― BK Shivani

“You will never be happy if you are always worried about what others think about you.” ― BK Shivani

“Do you love or criticize yourself? Do you trust or doubt yourself? Want Love? Accept Yourself. Need Respect? Value Yourself.” ― BK Shivani

“You must help those who only remember you while their need because they try to find the brightness while in darkness, and you are that brightness.” ― BK Shivani

“In life, don’t keep searching for good people, rather, become good yourself, maybe you meet someone who has been searching for a good person.” ― BK Shivani

“Stay so happily in life, that whenever someone sees you, he/she too become happy with it.” ― BK Shivani

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“Don’t worry when someone found faults in your job. Because often, faults are found in the place where there is much more betterment than others.” ― BK Shivani

“When someone hurts you, it’s better to remain silent. Because time answers to those whom we don’t.” ― BK Shivani

“The awesome relationship in the world is that, where a single smile and little forgiveness can turn the things back as it was before.” ― BK Shivani

“Every storm does not occur just to harden your life. Some of them remove the obstacles from your journey.” ― BK Shivani

“We lose our respect when we insult others.” ― BK Shivani

“What is there inside me, and what I live inside, is never known to others.” ― BK Shivani

“Don’t revenge, try changing yourself.” ― BK Shivani

“A relationship is not based on -What we do for each other, how we speak to each other. A relationship is based on How we think about each other.” ― BK Shivani

“God doesn’t always give us all that we want. But he gives us something that is good for us.” ― BK Shivani

“Invest a little time and energy in Teaching your own mind to RELEASE THE EXPECTATIONS.” ― BK Shivani

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